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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rush - Moving Pictures

Wednesday is here! And last week I asked all of you guys to help me out by rockin' some suggestions into my box. Well, a couple of you came through and it's MUCH appreciated! janis! asked that I review a little more Rush, since I reviewed '2112' over a year ago. Now, I really enjoy Rush. Not enough to go out and buy all their albums or anything - but I do always enjoy their listening experience. Now after '2112', the question was - which album do I really enjoy? And I don't think you need to look further than 1981's 'Moving Pictures'. It's 4x platinum in the states and fairly easy to see why. The opener alone 'Tom Sawyer' could have been enough to sell 4 million albums. Heck, track 4's 'Limelight' is another couple million. Never mind about all the other ones in between. James Hetfield later admitted that his 'Sanitarium' track stole the riff off of Tom Sawyer. 'Limelight' is drummer Neil Peart's experience with the band blowing up and having to deal with the incoming attention and fame. Pretty cool lyrics on that track also. The cover art is pretty neat, and there is a story out there you all can read if you'd like to find it. Too long to detail here. Interesting tidbit, the original release of this album had the first few beats of 'Tom Sawyer' left off the recording. If you have that album, it's very rare and worth quite a bit of money it sounds like. It was fairly immediately corrected and the bad ones were pulled. In a word, this album is classic. And it isn't as good as '2112', but it's really solid. Quality tracks from a quality band - enough said.

1. Tom Sawyer
2. Red Barchetta
3. YYZ
4. Limelight
5. Camera Eye, The
6. Witch Hunt
7. Vital Signs

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Tom Sawyer
2. Limelight
2. Red Barchetta

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. no way, YYZ is the #1 on this album. them ton sawyer then red barchetta.

    and in case you haven't seen it, here is a terrible youtube video of the south park 'tom sawyer' intro from the live show (which is awesome).

  2. No love for 'Limelight'? That's just nuts!

    Was never a big SP fan. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my cartoons drawn with quality!