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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tyler The Creator - Goblin

Well B Siders - today is a day. What day you ask? It's my birthday! I'm still at work and not celebrating like perhaps I should - but that's okay, because I can blog about music, which is a very fun thing to do. And last night, watching the MTV Video Music Awards - there was one person spotlighted a couple times, and I've been paying attention to him for about a year or so now. Tyler the Creator was born in 1991 and started doing the music thing in 2008 or so. He grew up in Los Angeles and attended thirteen different schools during his twelve years of education. From what I can see, it wasn't a behavior thing or whatever, seemed they just moved around LA and Sacramento quite a bit as a kid. He taught himself to use the piano at 14, and he knew he loved music. He's the leader of the hip hop group OFWGKTA, which stands for something too long and kind of dumb, but he also acts as the producer of all their music and videos. This was his second studio recording, with the first dropping in 2009 and not performing very well. This one has seen more publicity and sales - but still nothing amazing. It's pretty easy to tell why though - this stuff is so against the grain, it's very odd to know what to think. While I think there are some aspects of this album that are really promising and feel the talent is there - it doesn't come together as something more than a really odd album. It's probably worth looking into - because he'll probably blow up someday and you'll have been on the front end of it, but don't be surprised if you're left scratching your head when you're done.

1. Goblin
2. Burger
3. Yonkers
4. Untitled 63
5. Radicals
6. Steak Sauce
7. She
8. Transylvania
9. Nightmare
10. Tron Cat
11. Her
12. Sandwitches
13. Fish/Boppin Bitch
14. Analog
15. Bitch Suck Dick
16. Window
17. Untitled
18. Golden

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Goblin
2. She
3. Yonkers

2.25 out of 5 stars

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