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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Antlers - Burst Apart

I've really been digging the dubstep/electronic revolution that's been going on lately. And it may only really be going on in my mind, but I think the music is really bursting onto the scene and people are grooving hard. I always encourage people to open their ears to a newer brand of music, and this seems to be it right now. This is a three piece band that formed in Brooklyn, New York. They've been making an indie rock type music since 2006 or so. They are named after another band - The Microphones and their track 'Antlers'. What better way to show your idols? This album just came out in May of this year, and it's the bands fourth studio release since 2006. I'm in love with the cover art concept on this album by the way. It was designed by a guy named Zan Goodman who's done some other album covers for the band. Super cool. Their last album 'Hospice' was a record to talk about an abusive relationship lived through the eyes of a patient in hospice care. What critics are universally digging about this record, is the range the band showed in creating a follow up that wasn't exactly the same, but musically still beyond sound. And while I can't contrast and compare to the prior works, this album is really solid. Very 'dream rock' style music and has that transcendental sound that these new age electronic type sounding records have. I love it. I'd need to listen harder to the lyrics and all that - but off the surface the vocals are solid and the arrangements are beyond cool. This isn't for my beatnuts out there, but more for people who just love music.

1. I Don't Want Love
2. French Exit
3. Parentheses
4. No Widows
5. Rolled Together
6. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
7. Tiptoe
8. Hounds
9. Corsicana
10. Putting the Dog to Sleep

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. No Widows
2. Putting The Dog To Sleep
3. I Don't Want Love

3.5 out of 5 stars

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