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Monday, August 15, 2011

Phil Vassar - Self Titled

After a solid weekend of fun, it's back to the grind. And we grind away this morning with Phil Vassar - as dropped into the Suggestion Box by JenInTosa. Phil was born in 1964 in Lynchburg, Virginia. While attending James Madison University in Harrisburg - he decided to take on learning the piano. He found work playing in smaller local clubs, and that allowed him to get bit by the bug. So naturally, he decided to move to Nashville to try to make a career in music. He got his big break as a songwriter, and wrote quite a few songs for larger acts. The biggest names being Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson. He had multiple songs reach #1 on the country charts, and he was quickly gaining recognition as a guy who could put you over the top as an artist. As that section of his life was really heating up, he threw himself a curveball and decided he wanted to start being the guy behind the mic and on stage. So in 1999, he got signed as a singer to a Nashville based label. This album was his debut drop, and it came out in 2000. The big single was track one, 'Carlene'. It peaked as high as #5 on the billboard charts, and propelled this album to reach Gold status on the RIAA listing. It's his only album to chart, which means he may have peaked a little too early. He's now got five studio records out there, the last having dropped in 2009. There is a plan to put out another one this year, date TBD. This album is pretty easy listening country music. I can't even call it pop or contemporary, because it isn't that - it's the type of music you'd expect to hear in a store or something. Very non-offensive, and great background music. Enough to unwittingly get your toes tappin', but not enough to really pay attention.

1. Carlene
2. Just Another Day In Paradise
3. That's When I Love You
4. Rose Bouquet
5. Joe & Rosalita
6. Six Pack Summer
7. Lucky As Me
8. Like I Never Loved Before
9. Didn't You Know She's Gone
10. Somewhere In Between
11. Drive Away

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Like I Never Loved Before
2. Just Another Day In Paradise
3. Carlene

2.5 out of 5 stars

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