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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bush - Razorblade Suitcase

If there is one thing that hold true to any media you listen to music (except your own iPod), no matter what, you always hear the same things over and over. Since I'm on my satellite kick lately, there is a station called Lithium (channel 34 on Sirius) that plays solid alt rock type music all day long. It's nice, except they've been really overplaying Bush tracks off this album in particular. Now, I enjoyed Bush when I was younger, bought the first couple of records. I look back on them today, and I wonder why I was so much enamored. I bought this record for one of my first real girlfriends back in the 7th grade. It was probably the best gift she'd received at the time, as she also really loved the band. Regardless, I was pretty pumped about this album too. I was still riding the high off 'Sixteen Stone' and this one seemed to be a lovely follow up. There is no denying the drop off between those two records though. In terms of sales and overall sound. This album is a mere 3x platinum compared to the 6 of 'Stone'. This record was so beaten by critics that Bush dropped the remix album 'Deconstructed' to quell some of the musings that they were trying too hard to be a grunge band from Seattle. While I don't think this album is bad, the dropoff is substantial. And although I'm leading in too much, the sound didn't get any better during the next couple of drops. But I'll get to those in time. Go ahead and queue this up if you feel nostalgic today, but don't expect it to be the gold that you perceived 15 years ago.

1. Personal Holloway
2. Greedy Fly
3. Swallowed
4. Insect Kin
5. Cold Contagious
6. Tendency to Start Fires, A
7. Mouth
8. Straight No Chaser
9. History
10. Synapse
11. Communicator
12. Bonedriven
13. Distant Voices

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Greedy Fly
2. Mouth
3. Cold Contagious

2.5 out of 5 stars

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