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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Phew! What a long delay! Finally got out of my meeting, and am getting around to posting New Music Tuesday! And I have a slight confession to make. This album did in fact come out today - but my partner Heidi told me to listen to this quite some time ago. Two months in fact. So I ended up getting this album right around then and have been picking it up here and there over that period of time. So it's not really new to me this morning. Anyway, Fleet Foxes formed in 2006 or so out of Seattle, Washington. Originally going by the name "Pineapple", a name clash with another local band prompted a change and Robin Pecknold decided upon Fleet Foxes. He suggested that it was "evocative of some weird English activity like fox hunting". Very nice. They were another band that got big because of the Myspace revolution in 2007. Bands were taking advantage of free listeners and took up quite a following. The word of mouth alone generated a contract with Sub Pop Records - which is an offshoot of Warner Bros. Their first album dropped in June of 2008 and is certified platinum by the RIAA. This album was slated to drop in 2009, and has been frustrating fans for multiple years now. They had some touring conflicts that actually cost the band $60k of their own money. Not good. But the goal of this album was to be less poppy and more of an old school groove record. Critics have all been mostly positive with only one site giving them a 4/10 rating. And for me, I think this is good music. It's not an album that I'd listen to daily or anything -but it's a nice change of pace on a random day. Certainly worth giving a shot if you've never heard their style before - but I wouldn't suspect you'll fall in love with the band, but rather a song or two. Just my two cents.

1. Montezuma
2. Bedouin Dress
3. Sim Sala Bim
4. Battery Kinzie
5. Plains/Bitter Dancer, The
6. Helplessness Blues
7. Cascades, The
8. Lorelei
9. Someone You'd Admire
10. Shrine/an Argument, The
11. Blue Spotted Tail
12. Grown Ocean

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Helplessness Blues
2. Lorelai
3. Sim Sala Bim

3.25 out of 5 stars

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