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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sugarland - The Incredible Machine

Crazy thing last night. I was sitting down after a long day, flipping through channels, and what do I see? The Billboard Music Awards are on tv! Can't say I even knew they were approaching, so my apologies for not getting you all a rundown of nominees. Sugarland popped up on the nominees for Country album of the year, and I realized that I've only briefly heard of them in passing, and I should take a peek at this record today. Everyone knows of the sick hip hop music coming out of the ATL, but country music? Apparently since 2003 there has been at least one band making yee haw music coming from the dirty dirty. This band is a duo, that used to be a trio - but got into an ugly battle with former member Kristen Hall. I guess she is engaged in a lawsuit against the current Sugarland and it's really messy. This is their fourth studio album since 2004, and every one of them is multi platinum except this one, but it only came out in October of last year. And it's already single platinum, so good start. This is a tough one to look at objectively. Some critics are 5 out of 5 stars and some are as low as two. Makes you wonder. Since I'm completely unfamiliar with the rest of their work, I'd like to think I'm just listening to the music, not taking anything else into account. There is some fuss over production of this album and then the overall sound compared to previous works. There are a couple tracks that remind of the band 'Train' a lot, and it's sort of a country hybrid. I find this album to be fairly solid, and not lacking anything major. This is well worth a listen, no matter what some critics say.

1. All We Are
2. Incredible Machine
3. Stuck Like Glue
4. Tonight
5. Stand Up
6. Incredible Machine (Interlude)
7. Every Girl Like Me
8. Little Miss
9. Find the Beat Again
10. Wide Open
11. Shine the Light

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Incredible Machine (Interlude)
2. Tonight
3. Little Miss

3.25 out of 5 stars

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