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Monday, May 9, 2011

Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

Just another manic Monday. It's a really nice day out there, so I'm a little more upbeat than normal. Although, work still sucks. Would prefer to be out golfing today or something. Regardless, it's music time. And follower peterman dropped a little Rise Against in the Suggestion Box. I think he literally put every album they ever made in the box too - so I'll just do the first one mentioned. These guys are a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 1999. These guys started with an indie label called Fat Wreck Records. They dropped two records, that were huge underground successes. It wasn't until their third studio album and ~2004 that they signed with a major label in Geffen. For some reason though, I'm looking and these guys aren't big record selling phenoms. They actually sell more albums in Canada versus the US - which is very strange. This particular record is gold status in the US, which is their best selling album ever. They recorded this album in Fort Collins, Colorado - which is a lovely town. If you've ever been there, they have a ton of breweries - if you're into that sort of thing. I don't really know how to put this in perspective, because I've never heard any of their other records. But what I'm hearing, is solid. There is no filler - it's all straight up rock. For some reason - listening to it the second time now, I get an old school Offspring type feel. Not sure why exactly. I'm not in love with this, but it exceeded my expectations. There isn't any track that sticks out as a signature that will become a new anthem for me or anything - but it's an album that I'd consider dropping in every now and again.

1. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
2. Long Forgotten Sons
3. Re-Education (Through Labor)
4. Dirt Whispered, The
5. Kotov Syndrome
6. From Heads Unworthy
7. Strength to Go On, The
8. Audience of One
9. Entertainment
10. Hero of War
11. Savior
12. Hairline Fracture
13. Whereabouts Unknown

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Savior
2. Re-Education
3. From Heads Unworthy

3.25 out of 5 stars


  1. Yes!
    I guess it depends on anyones taste, they do have a bit of hard edge but it is softened by songs like Audience of One,Hero of War and Savior. I saw them play at Summerfest a year or two ago. Rancid opened for them. Great show, I'd say they're a good live band. I guess I like them best cause to me, their sound is new and unique on the radio while having a sense of familiarity. Their lyrics usually tell some sort of story, which often have a deepness to them.

  2. I'll have to listen to a couple more of their albums. If all of them are pretty good, the odds are I will listen to them more.

    Maybe someday I'll see them live. I have been on a concert kick as of late.