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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Danger Mouse - Rome

It's an odd Tuesday for me. Normally I'd be at work, all snuggled into my cube - listening to music. But today, I'm at home, in my pajama's and blasting music on my 2.1 sub system. Which hopefully, the music rewards me by being awesome. I've decided to run with two New Music Tuesday entries today, and no Techno entry. Sorry beatnuts - but I'm ahead on my Techno reviews. So we start here with Danger Mouse. His real name is Brian Burton, and my guess is you've heard of him a time or two. No? Let me elaborate. He's the other half of Gnarls Barkley with Cee-Lo and he also produced the Gorillaz 'Demon Days' record. Although he grew up in New York, he lived most of his life in Georgia. He DJ'd for a UGA radio station, and that's where he started using the name Danger Mouse - because he was too shy to show his face. He took the name from the popular cartoon of the same name. Then around 2001 he moved to Britain for a while, and did something small that ended up being monstrous. He mixed some Jay-Z acappella stuff from the Black Album with the Beatles White Album and called it cleverly, 'The Grey Album'. It was never released by a label, but was downloaded like mad, including by yours truly. It was a pretty awesome idea. I could go on and on about his accomplishments, as they go on forever. But I want to get to this record, which features Jack White and Norah Jones. It's really different, and pretty cool. The record took five years to make, and was inspired by the old spaghetti westerns. This is very much worth a listen today, and very worth some research by you guys. Look up the stuff he's produced, you'll probably love 90% of it.

1. Theme of Rome
2. Rose with a Broken Neck, The
3. Morning Fog
4. Season's Trees
5. Her Hollow Ways
6. Roman Blue
7. Two Against One
8. Gambling Priest, The
9. World, The
10. Black
11. Matador Has Fallen, The
12. Morning Fog
13. Problem Queen
14. Her Hollow Ways
15. World, The

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Two Against One
2. Black
3. Theme From Rome

4.25 out of 5 stars


  1. *Feels good to comment*

    That some good stuff right thurrr. No, for real I like it. That's a style I could vibe out to all day. That "Morning Fog (Interlude)" is nice. I like the music box style it portrays. Melancholy/optimistic, nice combo.

    Glad you posted this one. I'd been wondering off and on what he'd been up to these days. Whewww, 5 year album in the making. Takes stamina to something of that nature. Lupe Fiasco's "LASERS" album was three years and some change before it came out.

    I love "LASERS" by the way. What's your take on Lupe's work? Do you have a favorite by chance?

  2.'ve been absent lately!

    This really is a nice album. One of the better new music Tuesday entries I've gotten to lately. I could see myself buying this one soon.

    You know, I haven't gotten to much by Lupe yet. Drop it in the box, I need to get to it soon and that way I'll remember.