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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ludacris - Word Of Mouf

Where'd you get that platinum chain with them diamonds in it? Where'd you get that matchin' Benz with them windows tinted? Is that your wife, your girlfriend or just your main b***h? Seriously, 'Rollout'? Top 50 raps songs of all time easily. Maybe even top 10. I'll have to formulate that list someday. I've only done one LOODA album since starting the blog, and it was a New Music Tuesday entry. Well that's all changing today, since follower peterman asked that I kick it old school today. Remember the days when Luda rocked the serious dreads or the fro? When he wasn't rhyming with T-Pain or focusing so much on acting? Yeah, that Ludacris. This was one of the first albums to fall victim of illegal downloads on a high end basis. The record got leaked and ended up getting traded hundreds of thousands of times on Limewire. You have to think some of those would have turned into sales. Regardless, it made the album huge. I don't think you could walk two steps in my dorm back in 2001-2002 without hearing a Ludacris song being played at the loudest level the stereo went. I know I fell into that same category too. The album is a solid 3x platinum today, which is not at all surprising. It matches his highest selling album with his original 'Back For The First Time' drop - with a steady decline after that. See Luda, put out quality albums not quantity! Anyways, this one reminds of an easier time. And there are a couple "anthem" type tracks in terms of my life. I'll always remember events of my life based on these tracks. That's saying something. And for that reason, I'll probably rate this a little higher than it should be, but so what? Sentimental value my friends. This isn't an amazing overall record, but the singles are bumpin'. Put it in today, I promise you'll feel the same.

1. Coming 2 America
2. Rollout (My Business)
3. Go 2 Sleep
4. Cry Babies (Oh No)
5. She Said
6. Howhere (Skit)
7. Area Codes
8. Growing Pains
9. Greatest Hits (Skit)
10. Move B***h
11. Stop Lying (Skit)
12. Saturday (Oooh Oooh!)
13. Keep It on the Hush
14. Word of Mouf (Freestyle)
15. Get the F*** Back
16. Freaky Thangs
17. Cold Outside
18. Block Lockdown

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Rollout
2. Saturday
3. Move Bitch

4 out of 5 stars


  1. Heck yea, it's a memorable album for me as well. I can remember my cousin bumpin' this in his car driving down the road. Lol, this CD was one reason he blew out the speakers too.

    I liked the videos that spawned from this album. Not the content necessarily, it was the outrageousness and "in ya face" factor that I enjoyed.

    Luda is something else :)

  2. Strange, I could blog but not comment. My computer at work is really acting up!

    Anyways, this was a really innovative album at the time. You didn't have a lot of that hard core yet party rap back then. Nothing was making the club go harder than Looda back then.

    Not a great message in the words, but sick beats and solid flow.

  3. I always appreciate your feedback though B :)