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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mad Season - Above

Hello Wednesday...good to see you again. It's always slightly gratifying knowing that the week is half over. In music news, I've been dabbling a bit in supergroups as of late. And while this might not be a widely known one - it is one nonetheless. Mad Season here consists of some Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and some Screaming Trees. Most notably, Layne Staley. Remember him? Yeah, he was the 'other' vocalist of Alice in Chains before the widely known Jerry Cantrell took over full time. Mike McCreedy (formerly Pearl Jam) formed the band while he was doing a drub rehab during the production of 'Vitalogy'. He met a bassist in rehab and decided to form a band. That was back in 1994 - and the guys didn't even have a song to rehearse. They put on in impromptu show regardless, and it was met with solid reviews. The band also didn't have a name at that time, and finally landed on 'Mad Season' which is and English term for when the psychedelic mushrooms come into bloom for the year. This album dropped in 2005 and has seen gold selling success. Mostly backed by the big singles 'River of Deceit' and 'I Don't Know Anything'. And reading more about the band, a lot of apparently success was that on the radio, many causal listeners thought the songs were by Alice in Chains, and went out to buy this album when they it was something else. But I imagine that also meant people went looking for an AIC record that didn't exist. Regardless, this was a nice mid 90's album. It's by no means amazing, but for a supergroup, one of the better records out there. Worth a listen, but not up to the standards set by the original bands.

1. Wake Up
2. X-Ray Mind
3. River of Deceit
4. I'm Above
5. Artificial Red
6. Lifeless Dead
7. I Don't Know Anything
8. Long Gone Day
9. November Hotel
10. All Alone

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. I Don't Know Anything
2. River of Deciet
3. Long Gone Day

2.75 out of 5 stars

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