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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving

It's Thursday. And upon waking up this morning and checking the good old Suggestion Box, I've noticed that follower peterman has dropped a solid variety of artists and albums in there. Delightful! I continue to encourage all of you guys to do the same. I love the new ideas! Anyways, starting off number one, peterman asked that I do this Jamiroquai album. Devotees may recall I reviewed his 'Synkronized' or some odd spelling like that - album a while back. It got a fairly harsh review by me - and for good reason. Jamiroquai's music tends to be - hmm, what's the word? Boring? Lackluster? Repetitive? One of those words has to fit. This record goes 12 tracks deep - with everyone and their mother knowing track one 'Virtual Insanity'. It was a pretty revolutionary video back in 1997. This album is a solid platinum in the states, with a 3x rating in the United Kingdom - where the band originated. This album is probably the most diverse from the band, with some added instrumental tracks and a more heavy electronic influence. There are some really nice jazz elements on the record too - if that's your bag. The lead singer, Jay Kay - has a fascination with sports cars, and that's the story behind the cover art. A slightly modified Ferrari logo. I think overall, this is probably Jamiroquai's best record. It's still not in the upper echelon of albums in any genre, except maybe funk. But then again, I don't listen to a lot of exclusive funk records. Definitely check this out today - but note that it's pretty genre bending and for most people, tough to listen to start to finish.

1. Virtual Insanity
2. Cosmic Girl
3. Use the Force
4. Everyday
5. Alright
6. High Times
7. Drifting Along
8. Didjerama
9. Didjital Vibrations
10. Travelling Without Moving
11. You Are My Love
12. Spend a Lifetime
13. Do You Know Where You're Coming From

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Cosmic Girl
2. Virtual Insanity
3. Alright

3.25 out of 5 stars


  1. I was hopping you'd review this one soon. Lol, I could've dropped it in the suggestion box but is never occurred to me. Anywayz, I'm glad you mentioned where on earth that logo for his albums came from because I'd always wondered what the heck it was.

    What makes it lackluster to you? In a way I agree with you that you might skip a track or two in trying to listen straight through. But for me, even when I try to skip, I stay on the same track out of sheer curiosity of what I might miss. By REPETITIVE, do you mean no real stand out tracks possibly?

    Personally, I find this to be a clear view compared to the cloudy windshield of most of today's music. (ohh yea, you like that one) LOL :)

  2. I probably wouldn't have done with one if not for peterman. I've never been a big Jamiroquai fan.

    I think in terms of being different, sure, it's got it's qualities. But if you think about bands that I'd also label as "different" like Gorillaz or NERD, those bands are doing it SO much better than Jamiroquai is. And it's really not even close. You can put on a Gorillaz or NERD album and be blown away by the music and the genre bending sounds. You don't really get that here. While I applaud the effort, it doesn't meet the hype.

    I won't disagree that it's better than other music out there today. No question. I just don't think it stacks up against other similar bands.

  3. ???

    I get you, kind of. But comparing Jamiroquai to NERD or Gorillaz is like comparing a panini to a Philly cheese steak sandwich or a 12' sub.

    (Follow me here)

    All three come with different toppings and cheeses. You can dress them up or down. Heck you can keep it traditional if you want to. To me, that's what these bands Jamiroquai, Gorillaz and NERD bring. They simplify, amp it up some but stay true all in the same token. All good sandwiches, all good bands...

    I know I probably rambled with no sense just then but, that's why I like your platform, you just let it go, you let it roll :)

  4. See, I lump all these genre bending bands into one group. If you really sat back, a lot of what Gorillaz and Jamiroquai are doing is similar. Very similar tracks on albums. Especially 'The Fall'.

    And the Jamiroquai sandwich just isn't all that tasty. If Gorillaz is the Philly Cheese steak, I'd never stray from it. While the italian sausage hoagie that is Jamiroquai is in the same family of sandwich, it's not even close to the quality.

    I think I measured your analogy correctly.

  5. Yes, I'm surprised you understood what I meant.

    I see what you mean now. Ha, ohh man, Italian sausage hoagie. Hmm I don't like Italian sausage all that much, maybe I contradicted myself. LOL, I love these convos.

  6. i love the sandwich analogy. not just because i love sandwiches.

    and funny, thursday i was driving around BRK picking up UPS labels and thought that it was a perfect jamiroquai day. coincidence? maybe.

  7. Who doesn't love a sandwich?

    It's like you subliminally are connected to the blog! Nice!

    But maybe you should be for real connected more often. The B Side missed you!

  8. life is busy lately sir. i do my best.

  9. Yeah, I hear ya. Just giving you the business.