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Friday, May 7, 2010

Aqualung - Magnetic North

I had a nice post about Aqualung's 'Strange and Beautiful' record back around the Easter timeframe. That review was incredibly positive and I told you to rush out and buy it. Well, that brings me to his new album that just came out April 20th of this year. (I know, I know - I dropped the ball on a New Music Tuesday entry...) I was inspired by Mr. Nail to do another mood type review - and I've been meaning to get to this for a while now anyway. Well, at first glance here - I'm pretty disappointed. One of the greatest pieces of Aqualung's previous work was the complete mix-up of different arrangements. This one is all pretty much the same - all piano, all the time. Usually that would score an extremely high mark from as I love piano compliments, but this just feels ordinary to me. For someone who has such great lyrics and a great voice, my expectations were much higher. About the only song that switches it up is the opening track, which I encourage you to take a listen to. For some reason it sounds exactly like Beck. The style and the lyrics actually sound like Beck...very odd. I would say if you were already a die hard Aqualung groupie, you may like this. I'd say if you REALLY liked S&B - you should give this a shot too. But if you didn't really care for the last one, this one is drastically worse. If you check out my Top 3, only what I'll be listing as my number one has the feel of his previous record. Let me know if you think I'm way off base. It pains me a little to write this because I always told everyone to check him out before. Puzzling.

1. New Friend
2. Reel Me In
3. Sundowning
4. 36 Hours
5. Fingertip
6. Lost
7. Time Moves Slow
8. California
9. Remember Us
10. Hummingbird
11. Thin Air
12. Magnetic North

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Sundowning
2. Fingertip
3. Remember Us

3 out of 5 stars

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