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Monday, May 3, 2010

***REVIEW #100*** - Weezer - Blue Album

In case you didn't notice my huge review title, this is the B-Side's ONE HUNDREDTH REVIEW!! Honestly I cannot believe it's that many already. Seems like just yesterday I was thinking about starting this up. Crazy. Anyway, since it's a fairly good milestone, I had to select one of my favorite records of all time. I have to tell you, I absolutely love Weezer. They've only tossed out a couple records I didn't care for, so for the most part if they drop something, it's gold. Quick backstory on the Blue Album here - one of my good friends was having his 11th birthday when this came out. We knew Buddy Holly from the radio - and that was probably about it. Well, I went over to the local Best Buy and picked this up for his bday. I recall him semi looking at me like, "Weezer, are you kidding me??" And to be totally honest, I had no idea if this would be any good or not. I mean, I liked the one song - so it had to be solid right? Little did we know that 16 years after the release - we'd still be jamming to this on a very regular basis. Seriously, this record is outstanding. Every track start to finish has its own unique identity of greatness. If you've heard this before, put it on again and really listen to the lyrics. Especially in a song like 'Only In Dreams'. Great stuff sitting right in front of your face. To get sentimental, this was one of my first cd's as well - and it was a great purchase. I can't say I've worn out the cd since I've been an MP3 man since 1998 or so - but it has to be the most played record on my iPod. If you haven't heard this, buy it right now. I have to put my B Side guarantee that you'll love this one. If you're facing a rough Monday morning, put on the Blue Album to take care of your case of the Mondays.


1. My Name Is Jonas
2. No One Else
3. World Has Turned and Left Me Here, The
4. Buddy Holly
5. Undone -- The Sweater Song
6. Surf Wax America
7. Say It Ain't So
8. In the Garage
9. Holiday
10. Only in Dreams

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Say It Ain't So
2. Only In Dreams
3. In The Garage

5 out of 5 stars


  1. Happy 100 posts!

    I have to agree that this is a solid album! I remember seeing Weezer on the original Windows PC music videos that came with the computer and listening to Buddy Holly a lot!

    P.S. Weezer with be at a new music festival on the Summerfest grounds June 4-5

  2. Thanks Jen! Time sure does fly!

    Haha, I was going to write that in my review post, but I didn't want to be a supernerd. It was a great video - deserving of Windows.

    I saw that. My cousin lives right down there and I guess the tickets are only $10 bucks? That will be hard to say no to.

  3. ShaqwandaMcGillisMay 3, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    The tickets were only $10 for this past weekend. Now they're $25/day or $40 for a 2-day pass in advance. You can also buy them at the gate for $35 the day of the show. If you come down, let me know!

  4. Dang it Shqwanda, you didn't tell me the offer was time sensitive!! Jerk!

    I'll be sure to do that though!

  5. i knew you'd 5-star this one, and i also knew 'say it ain't so' would be your number one. and also, i agree, and also, i know you know that already.

    you should review sublime. 40oz to freedom is my album of the week.

  6. It's such a great album. Quietly dominates play time on my iPod.

    I will note that. Not sure if I'll get to it right away next week, but it'll be soon!