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Thursday, May 6, 2010

B.O.B - The Adventures Of Bobby Ray

I don't care what anyone says, this record is pop music through and through. I know that he's signed to TI's Grand Hustle and they bill him as a 'rapper', but let's be honest - that's ridiculous. It brings up and interesting point, a guy like this from the dirty-dirty in the ATL, he drops a record like this, does he lose all street cred? I mean, every rapper has a slower ballad on a record, but this is full of them. There are some pretty Neptunish beats on a couple tracks which is kind of cool - but this record doesn't even have any cameos by credible rappers. Craziness. I do enjoy that Bobby Ray callaboed with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. That will put this up just a quarter of a notch in my mind. And I know I already ranted about this, but man - when I pop on the charts, this is killing the HIP HOP charts. Ugh. I want all my rap moguls on the blog to listen to this one and tell me if it has any elements of rap to you. The album is kind of garbage, if it wasn't so catchy in spots and have those couple redeeming tracks where it sounds like someone actually cared about the arrangement. Most tracks I find simply annoying and if I bought it would skip them in heartbeat. Maybe someday Bobby Ray will put out a deeper record (similar to a Kid Cudi maybe) and I'll give him another go. Until then, have fun with this one. I know I won't.

1. Don't Let Me Fall
2. Nothin' on You
3. Past My Shades
4. Airplanes
5. Bet I
6. Ghost in the Machine
7. Kids, The
8. Magic
9. Fame
10. Lovelier Than You
11. 5th Dimension
12. Airplanes, Pt. 2

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Airplane 2
2. Nothin' On You
3. Magic

2 out of 5 stars


  1. i did find it interesting, however, that they didn't put airplanes 2 on itunes or any other downloading music site...if you want the song, you have to buy the cd. i wonder how it will play out?

  2. That happens fairly often actually. Especially on iTunes there they include a bonus track or something for an extra cost - or if you buy Album Only. It's not all that much different than if the artist puts out the regular cd, and then a deluxe edition. If you want the extras, you pay an extra few bucks.