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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Godsmack - Self Titled

As a continuation to what has carried over into 'New Music Wednesday', Godsmack put a new record out yesterday called The Oracle. Problem is, I can't find links to samples for you guys anywhere! I've vowed to myself that if I can't provide you a link to what I'm reviewing - I'll do it later. Maybe that's silly, but if you don't have your own way to get a taste, I figure I owe it to you for reading. Anyway, since I can't get to the new stuff - I'll do the old stuff. This was Godsmack's first record, and by far their best selling. I've noticed that some people have given this album really poor reviews, and I'm not quite sure why. I think there are 4 legitimately good songs on this one. Sure, I wouldn't put it up there in the music hall of fame or anything, but it's solid. To me, this is a good way to introduce yourself into the world of metal. It's kind of a gradual step, since they combine a lot of funky electronic stuff in their guitar work. They lay down some really fat beats to lay over the vocal side which is pretty unique. I don't think they have the really hard sound of other bands and they certainly don't have the shoutish vocals. I'd say if you're leery to dive into hard rock, check this album out. I think you might find you can get along with the genre, and find a happy medium. Don't go out and pick Gwar as your first listen. After all of this new music shenanigans, enjoy your hump day!

1. Moon Baby
2. Whatever
3. Keep Away
4. Time Bomb
5. Bad Religion
6. Immune
7. Someone in London
8. Get Up, Get Out!
9. Now or Never
10. Stress
11. Situation
12. Voodoo

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Voodoo
2. Whatever
3. Keep Away

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. i think godsmack has some of the best percussion. at every show ive seen of theirs, sully and shannon larkin have a very kick ass dual percussion/drum... battle? can't really call it a solo if there are two drummers...

  2. Unfortunately for me, I've never seen them live before. They played before some concert I was at (RHCP maybe...) but I didn't make it in time. Or I should say the people I was with were too drunk to get there on time.

    Maybe someday...