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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Who - Who's Next

So, it seems quite a few people were actually introduced to The Who at the Super Bowl this year. It's one of those bands that if you're not into classic rock, you've heard a dozen songs by them but don't have any idea who sings them or anything about The Who. Well, clearly they are a great band. I don't think they get the credit they deserve sometimes. I feel so many people point to Baba O'Riley, call it 'overrated' and say they're not that great. But here is a prime example of why that view is ridiculous. 'Who's Next' is simply put a rock solid record. In addition to O'Riley, it has a monster ballad in 'Blue Eyes' and then an amazing guitar anthem with 'Fooled'. I feel that people who refer to The Who as overrated or not that great are just ignorant people who don't actually listen to music. Or hear the "hits" on radio and pass judgment. Truth is, they are just as good as any classic rock band out there. The show the range and have different sounds and styles that make them great. Now, I'm not saying I enjoy them as much as Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, Beatles etc...but I can see why anyone would. They have a sound that is easy to enjoy and fun to listen to. If you're a Who newbie, check this record out first. It would be easy to pick up a greatest hits record, but what fun is that? Enjoy this on your Monday B Side, and rock your way into Tuesday!

1. Baba O'Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain't for Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song Is Over
6. Getting In Tune
7. Going Mobile
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won't Get Fooled Again
10. Pure And Easy
11. Baby Don't You Do It
12. Naked Eye
13. Water
14. Too Much Of Anything
15. I Don't Even Know Myself
16. Behind Blue Eyes (Alternate Version)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Baba O'Riley
2. Won't Get Fooled Again
3. Behind Blue Eyes

4.25 out of 5 stars

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