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Monday, May 24, 2010

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

It was about time for another pop review, and even though it's only been like 3 months since my last go round with Gaga, I still can't seem to go anywhere without hearing her tunes. And I understand why people (women especially) enjoy her stuff. Even if not her music, but what she stands for. She's not "hot" in the commonly used sense of the word - and she stands up for whatever it is she believes in. I think the statement of Lady Gaga is substantially better than Lady Gaga herself. She lists a couple of her influences as Freddie Mercury (Queen) and David Bowie. Which to someone like me is pretty cool. She also lists Michael Jackson and Madonna - which is totally a cop out. It's like if I started my band, and I said I was most influenced by the Beatles. Well, so was everyone else. Although I still am not a huge fan of her music - the idea that this unique artist is having her way with the fickle pop fans is semi amusing. Presuming that her pagentry and her whole act is something she created and not some music executive, I'm more than okay with her super odd performances and very strange wardrobe. If she truly is expressing herself, I get it. The other irritation I have with her is the excitement over the video for 'Telephone'. Kill Bill Vol. 2 is seriously one of my favorite movies. How in the heck did they get to use the 'Pussywagon' truck? And for what purpose was it needed for the video? It's like most hip hop videos back in the 90's. They're these overpriced, super high effects and budget 4 minutes of nonsense. They claim to be telling a story - but it typically never has anything to do with the lyrics of the track and it usually leaves a loose end that they say will be tied up in a subsequent video. Garbage. Plus, they found a way to make Beyonce, BEYONCE, look unattractive in the video. Shameful. Anyway, if you're in to Gaga, check this out. Don't pick up the Deluxe edition because most of what is deluxe was found on her original album. Also lame. Happy Monday!

1. Bad Romance
2. Alejandro
3. Monster
4. Speechless
5. Dance in the Dark
6. Telephone
7. So Happy I Could Die
8. Teeth

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Telephone
2. Bad Romance
3. Alejandro

2.75 out of 5 stars


  1. but they do make sandwiches in the crap ass video for 'telephone,' so that gives it five awesome points at least right there.

  2. LOL...I guess I never even noticed that.

    I figured you'd have commented on the new STP album. Have you not bought it yet?

  3. I don't know if we saw the same video, because I thought the video for Telephone was cool. She makes fun of the rumors she is a man, looks totally different and funky, and is an all out neat video. Everything she does is thought out and has a point, you just have to delve deeper than Beyonce looking unattractive. Just because women look strong and not feminine doesn't mean they aren't attractive. I'll say it again, I enjoy Gaga and at least she brings something different to the pop table.

  4. I simply didn't see it. I don't think the video had anything to do with the song lyrics, and that always bothers me. For all the hype I heard on the internet over the video, I thought it wasn't that amazing. Similar to 'Hypnotize' by Biggie. Way overrated.

    I tried above to give her some credit for being herself. And like I said, assuming it's actually her and she's not just a puppet by some music exec, I think it's respectable. But it's like athletes and steroids. Just when you think you found 'your favorite' they let you down. So I'm going to hold my judgment just a little while longer.

    Otherwise, I completely respect why people would dig her style.

  5. i really dont think any video is going to measure up to 'single ladies' in the near future, but 'telephone' wasnt too terrible. better than its counterpart 'videophone' also featuring beyonce and lady gaga.

    and no, i haven't bought the new stp yet and probably wont. the only new music i buy these days is metal. or sometimes jazz.

    or when i cant get "what about the ass? what about aaaaallll of this?' out of my head, the video for 'touch the sky.'

  6. Shame. The new STP is quite good. I went out and bought it since you know, I love them.

    Just watch the video for Black Hole Sun, that'll clear you right up.