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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Deadmau5 - For Lack Of A Better Name

Sorry new music fans, but I couldn't just up and do away with Techno Tuesday! Since I'm only doing 2 reviews a day, it's going to have to be one of each (barring me just going crazy on writing one day). This Tuesday brings up Deadmau5. (It's actually pronounced dead mouse) But this guy is a Canadian based house and dance emcee, with some pretty crazy mixes. He'll have dropped 10 albums in 4 years when his anticipated and currently untitled work comes out in 2010. If you don't know anything about him, check out his bio sometime. He's got some fairly interesting things to say in addition to some monstrously fat beats to throw down. I can't claim to celebrate his entire catalog - I just really started listening to him about 1 year ago. I can say that his dance mixes are very unique and really span some genres. He'll be up in your face with a raging beat and loud vocals and then slow one down and put you in that mode. This record kicks off with a crazy snare solo beat that just keeps repeating and adds little elements here and there. Again, neat concept. Check this out sometime if you're in need of a pick me up. I think this would help anyone get through the day - just listening to the new and different stuff. Enjoy!

1. FML
2. Moar Ghosts n Stuff
3. Ghosts N Stuff (Featuring Rob Swire)
4. Hi Friend!
5. Bot
6. Word Problems
7. Soma
8. Lack Of A Better Name
9. 16th Hour, The
10. Strobe

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Ghosts N Stuff
2. Strobe
3. Lack Of A Better Name

3.75 out of 5 stars

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