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Friday, May 28, 2010

Powerman 5000 - Tonight The Stars Revolt!

Honestly, doing the Nickelback review got me so angry that it's going to carry over into this next one. I'll do my best to shake that piece of terrible out of my head, but no promises. Anyway, I figured I'd move on to something a little heavier with Powerman 5K. This is their only record that made any sort of noise on the charts and in sales. (for the record, they have 7 studio releases) They even put something out as recent as late 2009. For some reason, their music isn't that bad if you're a metal fan, but they can't crack the mainstream. It isn't exactly like they're underground either. They're not even more industrial which tends to make casual fans turn away. They're metal, but they're kind of poppy at the same time. I mean, they covered The Cars on this record! There are some cool cameos here, one by Rob Zombie, one by DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit and one by Ginger Fish from Marilyn Manson. I enjoy this record, and I think it's safe to assume any hard rock fan would like it too. It lacks a bit of repeatability, which is similar to all their stuff. They might have one track that really jumps at you, but the rest can be kind of flat. The heavy riffs are often overly simplistic but catchy. The lyrics and pretty bland, but that's to be expected from this genre anyway. Check it out if you're feeling heavy, otherwise, just kick back with your other favorite album on Friday!

1. Eye Is upon You, An
2. Super Nova Goes Pop
3. When Worlds Collide
4. Nobody's Real
5. System 11:11
6. Tonight the Stars Revolt!
7. Automatic
8. Son of X-51, The
9. Operate, Annihilate
10. Blast off to Nowhere (Featuring Rob Zombie)
11. They Know Who You Are
12. Good Times Roll (Featuring DJ Lethal)
13. Watch the Sky for Me (Featuring Ginger Fish)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. When Worlds Collide
2. Nobody's Real
3. Good Times Roll

3 out of 5 stars


  1. i bet that rob zombie cameo is because the singer spider (or whatever the fresh hell his name is) is zombie's brother or half brother or brother's uncle's college roommate's friend or something like that. and i pick nobody's real for the number one track, because that's really the only song i like.

  2. are correct. Rob Zombie is his brother.

    I enjoy When Worlds Collide too. Good Times Roll only really gets the nod because I love the Cars. Maybe I'll do a Cars review today!

  3. I love When Worlds Collide. I bought this CD back in the day because of that one song. The rest of the CD is not that great unfortunately.
    - Christina

  4. Completely agree Christina. And thanks for posting!

    A 3 in fact was probably too generous. Maybe I was feeling nice that day.