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Friday, May 28, 2010

Nickelback - The State

So upon getting into a discussion with a friend the other day, I've decided I simply don't care for Nickelback. Their first record dropped in 1996 and had zero impact on the music world. (and upon thinking about it, '96 was such a great time for music - so why would a who cares kind of band like Nickelback make a splash?) They didn't gain any sort of notoriety until this album came out in 2000. My thought was, golly - I should go back to their first record prior to when I thought they started making really stupid pop music. So this is where I am. I'm going back to the music that made them get noticed. My logic was people really must have liked this, since it put them on the map. I don't understand how anyone could enjoy their current music, since most of it is udder garbage. These fellas are Canadian and their records sell MONSTROUS numbers there, and even in the US they seem to always go platinum. All The Right Reasons being the highest selling, and truth be told, probably their only tolerable record. I don't know. Nothing about them is unique. Nothing about them is fun to listen to. Nothing about them makes me want to rush out and pick up an album. Just flat, boring, ridiculously lyricised nonsense. If you enjoy their music, please feel free to let me know why. I simply don't see it. Their current record is one of the worst I've ever heard, and it's not that much better than the rest of their discography. I could keep going, but I'll simply let you decide for yourselves.

1. Breathe
2. Cowboy Hat
3. Leader of Men
4. Old Enough
5. Worthy to Say
6. Diggin' This
7. Deep
8. One Last Run
9. Not Leavin' Yet
10. Hold Out Your Hand
11. Leader of Men (Acoustic)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Leader Of Men
2. Breathe
3. Old Enough

1.25 out of 5 stars


  1. this and curb are the only albums of theirs that i actually like. i have an acoustic version of 'worthy to say' that is just kick ass, but it was a rockline performance and not actually on this album. and you know what's weird is i just decided to put this on my ipod last week.

  2. Hmm...see, I don't like this one either. They're current stuff is mind blowingly awful and this isn't all that much better, as stated. I mean, I wouldn't rather listen to K-E-Dollar Sign-H-A, but it's not that much better.