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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

New Music Tuesday kicks off today with Arcade Fire. I think it's pretty safe to tell you that I didn't know a ton about this band until recently. When I was struggling to find worthy tracks for my Top 100 of the Aughts list, I listened to band after band after band. Trying to find songs that I grooved on. Arcade Fire came up - and I have a few tracks by them, but nothing I'd have written home about. And FINALLY I got to 'Wake Up' off their first album. And I realized I really enjoy that track. I probably could have gone higher with that track in retrospect - but so it is written. That was the first time I actually sat down and listened to their stuff, and it's something I could dig on. That seemed to coincide perfectly since their new dropped - today, duh. It seems to have a pretty similar feel to other works by the Fire. Couple faster, guitar paced tracks - couple slower melodic very indie type tracks. A pretty good balance with a pretty solid album arrangement. This very much reminds me of a Sonic Youth album in terms of the very spacey feel and almost haunting/brooding rock. It's very cool. This could be a soundtrack to a suspense or horror movie, and I really like that. I like that a band would have the stones to put out an album of that nature and totally express themselves. Needless to say this record is pretty dark and some of the lyrics reflect that. Couple tracks aren't as 'downer' but I really enjoy the ones that are. I don't care if you've never heard of these guys before - this is a must check out. It's pretty different and a solid listen. This new find will make my Tuesday all that much better.

1. The Suburbs
2. Ready to Start
3. Modern Man
4. Rococo
5. Empty Room
6. City with No Children
7. Half Light I
8. Half Light II (No Celebration)
9. Suburban War
10. Month of May
11. Wasted Hours
12. Deep Blue
13. We Used to Wait
14. Sprawl I (Flatland)
15. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16. The Suburbs (Continued)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. The Suburbs
2. Modern Man
3. Deep Blue

3.75 out of 5 stars (an early impression)

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