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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

Why not end the week with something straight out of left field? Not sure about you guys, but I feel the oddball style reviews every week can almost always breed some of the best tuneage. Let's hope that trend continues with the recently suggested Mumford & Sons. JenInTosa has been grooving on one specific track from this album lately, and requested that I run through an album to give my input. So, I picked this up today - and I'm still a little unsure. These guys are a London based folk rock band. At first couple listens, it seems to have a pretty cool feel to it. I love the use of a banjo on multiple tracks - an instrument that if played right, and make for an epic track. On top of the banjo, some of the chorus arrangements backing up the banjo sound almost like a huge symphony are accompanying the band, and it sounds so thick and full. I enjoyed that as well. There are a couple ballad tracks, that you all could have guessed I love. The one crazy thing, this album is twelve tracks, and after track 7 - it seriously slows down. Maybe a poor track selection by the band. Regardless, this is pretty neat. It's another new band for you guys to check out, and I'm guessing a few of you will really love them. I'd put M&S in a similar category to Sigur Ros from last week - you may not fall in love with them, but there are certainly a few readers that will. I'm going to give this a pretty positive review, because I think this album is pretty good and the potential is certainly there to make an epic one. The sound is there, the lyrics are there - they just have to wrap all that up into a better record next time. Happy Friday!

1. Sigh No More
2. Cave, The
3. Winter Winds
4. Roll Away Your Stone
5. White Blank Page
6. I Gave You All
7. Little Lion Man
8. Timshel
9. Thistle & Weeds
10. Awaky My Soul
11. Dust Bowl Dance
12. After the Storm

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. White Blank Page
2. Little Lion Man
3. Winter Winds

3.75 out of 5 stars

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