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Monday, August 16, 2010

James Morrison - Undiscovered

Monday morning always starts off smooth with a little mood music. The only part you need to be careful on is not picking up some depressing stuff - since Monday morning is already too much of a downer. Anyway, James Morrison is a singer songwriter straight outta the UK. From just a sheer sound standpoint, I don't think he is totally unique. You could toss on a Jason Mraz album or something of that ilk and probably not know the difference. To me, the difference comes by the way of lyrics. These 11 tracks not only sound terrific, they also make you want to hear more. Lyrically, I think Morrison is one of the better up and coming songwriters out there. This was his first album that dropped in 2006, and he's got one more that came out in 2008. I haven't gotten to that one yet - so hopefully soon. The one knock on this record and him seems to be his lack of soul in what many consider to be soul music. And soul without soul, typically falls into the pop genre. I don't think those critics are very fair - since I think there is passion in his vocal, he just makes passion sound good and clean. This of course is by no means a 5 star record, but it's really solid. I don't think there are any tracks I skip - they all flow so nicely. I guess I'll need to get to his second record to make a real judgment on Mr. Morrison. Until then, I'll keep telling you to try this one out, it's a keeper.

1. Under the Influence
2. You Give Me Something
3. Wonderful World
4. Pieces Don't Fit Anymore, The
5. One Last Chance
6. Undiscovered
7. Letter, The
8. Call the Police
9. This Boy
10. Better Man
11. Last Goodbye, The

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. You Give Me Something
2. Undiscovered
3. Better Man

4 out of 5 stars

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