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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big & Rich - Horse Of A Different Color

Unknown to me until this morning, I'm out of JenInTosa based Country suggestions in the box! My country knowledge is quite limited - so basically that's what brings me to Big & Rich. Let me start this review by saying I absolutely loathe Save A Horse. Loathe it. And really, I should right? I mean, that's a chick song - and guys shouldn't love it right? Okay good. Glad we agree on that. So I decided to finally listen to this whole album today. Never thought about it in my life before today. I just figured I'm all out of Jen's stuff - who else have you heard of other than Johnny Cash? These guys popped into mind. This certainly isn't your grandma's country music. Although at times, the beat and melodic guitar may give you that impression, it's really never at any point that brand of country. Lyrically - it's almost mixing some pop music or even some tacky hip hop in spots to country backgrounds. Kind of a neat idea and very unique - which is probably why they have sold so many records. I tell you what's crazy, I don't hate this as much as I thought I would. I mean, this isn't exactly something I love - but it's more than tolerable. Still don't care for Save A Horse, but I understand the redeeming qualities in that you can get out on the dance floor and yell the lyrics as loud as you can. The underlying message of the day is, "Wow, this album ain't so stinkin' bad." Happy Thursday!

1. Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)
2. Wild West Show
3. Big Time
4. Kick My Ass
5. Six Foot Town
6. Holy Water
7. Saved
8. Real World
9. Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)
10. Drinkin' 'Bout You
11. Love Train
12. Deadwood Mountain
13. Live This Life

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Deadwood Mountain
2. Wild West Show
3. Six Foot Town

3.5 out of 5 stars

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