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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rant #10 - "Dancing Days Are Here Again, Covered"

One more time...STP!! STP!! STP!!

The evening of Monday, August Sixteenth kicked off with the anticipation of STP performing yet again this year at The Rave. This time, no Tab the Band but a real juggernaut in Cage The Elephant opening up. I didn't know until we got there, but another band called Fang Island was the first act. Wasn't thrilled about it - but hey, you deal with it for STP.

So Fang is jamming away at the beginning of the night. Larger band of like 6 people or so on stage. I have to say, I was impressed. Their sound was fairly unique and they had a ton of energy on stage. I fully intend on reviewing them very soon.

Cage came up and I was pretty juiced. I listened to half the album on the drive into Milwaukee, and got myself energized. Maybe I was too pumped...or maybe too pumped for STP to come on. Or maybe just tired... As you can probably gather, I wasn't impressed by Cage. For some reason, they seemed flat to me. The biggest cheer they got was when they announced there were from the same hometown as the Milwaukee Brewers right fielder. I know the words to multiple songs, and I just wasn't in the singing vibe. Kind of disappointing.

On to the main act. STP! They built the anticipation up by coming on about 20 minutes late. Didn't make me mad in the slightest, as I recalled how awesome the March show was. They came out and BAM! smacked the crowd in the face with 'Crackerman'. If there is any STP song that makes you want to scream stuff out, it's been that one for me. I'll post the whole set list at the bottom, but I have to say - it was very unexpected. They played many songs that only STP die hards would really groove on - which was awesome for me, bad for others who just wanted to hear the hits. They played quite a few off the new record, which again was cool with me - but many fans didn't want to hear it. (or so it seemed) Weiland announced that he was going to play a track that they hadn't played since their first tour, (and as you may have figured out from my teaser headline) they belted out with Dancing Days covering Led Zeppelin. I thought that was awesome. A surprising number of folks seemed to know the words too, which was cool. Still, the response was never bigger than Weiland letting the crowd sing the whole chorus to 'Interstate Love Song'. Crowd went nuts, I went nuts - Weiland seemed to love it. Smack dab in the middle they played 'Silvergun Superman' off of Purple, and I thought that was also fantastic. Such a great song that most people probably didn't recognize. All in all, I thought the show was again fantastic. It made me further realize how much I love STP. It was evident by some of the clear out, that many fans either didn't jam with the lesser known stuff - or didn't care to stay up too late on a Monday. Regardless, if they come back, I'd see them again - and again - and again. If you didn't see the two shows in 2010, go see them in 2011. You won't regret it.

Crackerman - Core
Wicked Garden - Core
Vasoline - Purple
Heaven and Hot Rods - No. 4
Between The Lines - Self Titled
Hickory Dichotomy - Self Titled
Still Remains - Purple
Cinnamon - Self Titled
Big Empty - Purple
Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin cover)
Pretty Penny - Purple
Silvergun Superman - Purple
Plush - Core
Interstate Love Song - Purple
Huckleberry Crumble - Self Titled
Dare If You Dare - Self Titled
Down - No. 4
Sex Type Thing - Core

Dead & Bloated - Core
Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart - Tiny Music

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