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Monday, August 16, 2010

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?

If mood music makes your Monday go down smooth - Jimi Hendrix makes your Monday the best day of the week. I think I've shown my colors for Jimi already on the B Side, but I love his music. Easily in the top 3 guitarists of all time - probably number one on most days and most lists. Way too talented to have died so young. Such was life in that decade though. 1967 saw the release of this album, which was the first for Jimi and his band The Experience. This is a SHOCKINGLY low 4x platinum in the states. Really? Boston (don't get me wrong, I enjoy Boston) is like 16x or something like that, and Jimi is 4? That sickens me a little bit. Anyway, if somehow you've never heard Jimi - and I guarantee you've heard at least 3 songs of this record, he has a very in your face and ballsy guitar riff in just about every song. He also has some of the most delightful lyrics on certain tracks. Lyrics that make you scratch your head and sing along. The short of it, this album is amazing. Is it my favorite Jimi album? I don't know. That's like asking if I want a new Mercedes or a new BMW - I'm happy no matter what. This is probably the best debut album of all time, and certainly in the discussion of best album of all time. Please listen to it. If you've never heard this whole thing, you need to check it out. And if you have, be like me today and listen to it again. It's still amazing. Happy Monday!

1. Purple Haze
2. Manic Depression
3. Hey Joe
4. Love or Confusion
5. May This Be Love
6. I Don't Live Today
7. Wind Cries Mary, The
8. Fire
9. 3rd Stone from the Sun
10. Foxey Lady
11. Are You Experienced?
12. Stone Free
13. 51st Anniversary
14. Highway Chile
15. Can You See Me
16. Remember
17. Red House

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Are You Experienced?
2. Hey Joe
3. Purple Haze

5+ out of 5 stars

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