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Friday, August 27, 2010

NIN - Downward Spiral

Metal fans, wake up. Another crazy realization the other day was when follower Janis! mentioned that I hadn't done any NIN yet. NIN of course being Nine Inch Nails for those who don't like to show your metal... But man, does any band hit harder than them? And by band and them, I actually mean one man, Trent Reznor. Probably unknown to most of you out there, this is actually a concept album. The goal of this record was to document the fall of man. It starts with his downward spiral in life and climaxes ultimately when he attempts suicide. Trent talks about how because of this 'theme' and the goal of the record, he wanted to tone it down a bit and not be so hard and so metal. Maybe I stand alone on this opinion, but that almost makes it harder and MORE metal. Maybe not in terms of just the sound of it, but the message, lyrics and vibe is totally something I expect and long for from the genre. This album in a sense, it quite simply a classic. The flow, the arrangements - everything about it is just about perfect. Even if you don't like metal in the classic sense, this record tells a story, and tells it brilliantly. Forget about all the mainstream success this saw due to 'Closer', it's not about that. Don't listen to this record just for the one track. Listen all the way through and listen in order. By the time you get to the end, I think you feel the emotions that the album was intending. Very few records can have that impact on you. I might feel a certain way when listening to a record, but it probably isn't what the artist intended. Not the case here. Reznor shot for something new and undone, and he got it. I can only close by saying please, give this a whirl. I promise you'll if nothing else be very intrigued.

1. Mr. Self Destruct
2. Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
3. Heresy
4. March of the Pigs
5. Closer
6. Ruiner
7. Becoming, The
8. I Do Not Want This
9. Big Man With a Gun
10. Warm Place, A
11. Eraser
12. Reptile
13. Downward Spiral, The
14. Hurt

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Closer
2. Hurt
3. Reptile

4.5 out of 5 stars


  1. *applause*

    do pretty hate machine next!

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  3. I'll add that to the list.

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