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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Basement Jaxx - Rooty

Welcome back B Siders! Hopefully the extended weekend was better for you guys than it was me. I could have used another week or month off of work, but hey - such as life. Coming back on a Tuesday is always a little jarring, simply because it's the one day each week where my reviews are already pre-determined. To start it off, Techno Tuesday rolls out of bed with Basement Jaxx. I don't know too much about them save a couple random singles here and there. This dance duo is from London, and formed in the mid '90s. Rooty is their second album and it is named after a popular club event that Jaxx holds every year in a club based out of Brixton. This album artwork features a gorilla named Snowflake, which oddly enough, is the world's only known albino gorilla. Great trivia right? What's pretty awesome about this album, is how it works on so many different levels. If you're a pop fan, you'll groove to multiple songs here. If you love a really hard techno beat - it's got a few tracks for you as well. From a sheer techno standpoint, it feels so raw that you might think it's a couple rookies putting all their emotion into a great record...but it also has that polished feel of a seasoned techno veteran. I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is a fun listen. If all you've heard is 'Where's Your Head At', you might be disappointed if you're expecting a dozen more tracks like that. This record is more than is the kind of album that makes beatnuts go nuts. Happy Thursday.

1. Romeo
2. Breakaway
3. SFM
4. Kissalude
5. Jus 1 Kiss
6. Broken Dreams
7. I Want U
8. Get Me Off
9. Where's Your Head At
10. Freakalude
11. Crazy Girl
12. Do Your Thing
13. All I Know

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Where's Your Head At
2. Crazy Girl
3. Romeo

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. 'do your thing' is one of my favorite good mood, dance around like an excessively vanilla girl for no reason song. 'romeo' is my second favorite from the album. i can actually name very few of those songs...

    i totally just put 'do your thing' on in itunes.

  2. I do enjoy Do Your Thing as well. Crazy Girl just has that classic beat and arrangement that always gets me going. Where's Your Head At is so off the wall and fun - I had to put it number one. Nice album, good stop for the techno tuesday train.

    I might actually pick this record up, since I don't own it.