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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trey Songz - Passion, Pain & Pleasure

Trey Songz. Have I heard the name before, of course. Have I heard any of his tracks, not looking good. Not passing judgment yet, but this is one of those artists that they'd play on the local rap station even though it's not even close to hip hop. This is very R&B, and reminds me a lot of R. Kelly. Tremaine here was born in the VA, but moved all over due to being in a military family. People started to realize he had some vocal talent around the age of 14, but he was reluctant to sing anywhere in public. Behind all the encouragement of his family, he finally started to sing and was discovered at a talent show in 2000. He signed to Atlantic Records in 2002 and dropped his first album in 2005. This album came out in 2010, in fact about 2 weeks ago. Follower Ashley asked that I take a look at this one, and most specifically, the track 'Unfortunate'. In terms of just that track, it's got a nice feel to it. It could easily pass as a track that Timbaland produced. Great beat, nice lyrics over the top. It's also got that haunting backdrop which has become more popular as of late. After Kanye had some success with that in 808's, other artists have followed suit. Love it. The rest of the album, I'll say is average. There are a couple nice tracks sprinkled here and there, but on the whole - R&B isn't really my thing. A lost of it is also fairly poppy, which I think is a dangerous line for serious r&b or soul artists. If you're a pop fan or if you like R Kelly, go ahead and give this a shot. Otherwise, it might not be for you.

1. Here We Go Again
2. Love Faces
3. Massage
4. Alone
5. Bottoms Up
6. Pain
7. Can't Be Friends
8. Please Return My Call
9. Made to Be Together
10. Pleasure
11. Red Lipstick
12. Unusual
13. Doorbell
14. Passion
15. Unfortunate
16. Blind
17. You Just Need Me

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Unfortunate
2. Unusual
3. Here We Go Again

2.75 out of 5 stars


  1. Could that cover art be any cheesier?!

  2. Haha. So you're saying this wasn't a Jen inspired design?

  3. Definitely not! Have you seen the episode of Friends when it's raining outside and (I think) Chandler is sitting by the window watching the rain and then they cut to Joey who is sitting in his new apartment with a thing that looks like a rainy window? That's what it reminded me of.

  4. Was never a big Friends kind of guy, but maybe I'll YouTube it. I've always wondered, I know many artists don't have any real input as to what their cover art is, but when you see something like this, why not say - "Whoa, let's try that again", or something. There have been some real horrendous ones over the years.