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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maximum Balloon - Self Titled

Oh, what's that? You thought I forgot today was Tuesday? How dare I review a mood album on Tuesday? Good questions. I didn't like any of the big music out today, so I decided to go with something TOTALLY off the wall, and it so happens it's electronic and new. So, NEW MUSIC TUESDAY and TECHNO TUESDAY all in one! How'd ya like that? Well, calling this techno is certainly a stretch, but it is full of synths and electronics. So it's kind of close. Plus, the name is Maximum Balloon. How fun is that? I mean, I've had many balloons in my life, but never one single maximum one. Now I feel gypped. Anyway, the 'band' is one guy, David Sitek. He's a guitarist and record producer who's worked with some pretty big names. Those include: Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Beck and NIN. From what I can tell, Davey never sings on this album, but gets different artists to collabo on each track. Kind of a neat idea. Can I tell you though, this is seriously out there. Out there, and yet kind of neat at the same time. This fits no genre standards - other than 'other', or 'odd'. There is a collabo with the artist known as Little Dragon which is cool to me, because she was on a Gorillaz track called 'Empire Ants' that is one of my favorites off the Plastic Beach record. This is worth a shot. I mean, it's odd and kind of interesting at the same time. I can't even describe it any further. Just check it out!

1. Groove Me - (featuring Theophilus London)
2. Young Love - (featuring Katrina Ford)
3. Absence of Light - (featuring Tunde Adebimpe)
4. If You Return - (featuring Little Dragon)
5. Shakedown - (featuring Kyp Malone)
6. Communion - (featuring Karen O)
7. Tiger - (featuring Aku)
8. Lesson, The - (featuring Holly Miranda)
9. Apartment Wrestling - (featuring David Byrne)
10. Pink Bricks - (featuring Ambrosia Parsley)

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. If You Return
2. Groove Me
3. Young Love

3 out of 5 stars

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