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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Darius Rucker - Learn To Live

Country day on the B Side today. Yeee haaaw!! Except this isn't your knee slappin' country, this is once again contemporary stuff. And today brings forth none other than Hootie...err, I mean Darius Rucker. Okay, so you all know him as Hootie and you all loved him with the Blowfish. But does your Hootie love carry over into Darius and his solo country stuff? Let's find out! Some of you may not recall, but his solo career basically kicked off with him portraying a singing cowboy for Burger King commercials. The Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch to be specific. What a great way to introduce yourself to the masses. This album was his second record and was released in 2008. It has seen some pretty solid success with multiple tracks coming up on the Country Top 25 lists. It's listed as platinum and wouldn't surprise if that went up quite a bit over the next couple of years. Crazy tidbit of info, Darius and Tiger Woods met at at bar at the young age of 18. They've since become great pals and Darius sang at Tiger's wedding and the funeral for Tiger's father. In terms of music, I have to say - I really enjoy this album. It's got a nice mood feel to it with a country arrangement. It's not in your face type country, but rather a mellow blend of country and contemporary blues. I like it. But then again, I love Hootie. And maybe my love for this record is actually just a continuance on my love for the old band. What do you guys think? Not being a country fan and liking this record seems like it could be easy to do. Check it out today, I think you'll be impressed.

1. Forever Road
2. All I Want
3. Don't Think I Don't Think About It
4. Learn to Live
5. If I Had Wings
6. History in the Making
7. Alright
8. It Won't Be Like This for Long
9. Drinkin' and Dailin'
10. I Hope They Get to Me in Time
11. While I Still Got the Time
12. Be Wary of a Woman

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. It Won't Be Like This For Long
2. History In The Making
3. Don't Think I Don't Think About It

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. the tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch song is the best fast food jingle ever. it's haunted me for years. it is the only piece of marketing that has actually moved me to go out and get a burger king sandwich.