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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Five Finger Death Punch - War Is The Answer

Follower Janis! is probably our resident metal expert. I would say at a point of time in my life, I used to be pretty versed - but I think my tastes changed a bit. I mean, I still enjoy some metal every now and again, but overall - the new stuff just isn't for me. And to be fair, I never liked the heavier bands that just laid on the guitar riff and shouted into the microphone. I think that's why I enjoyed a band like Pantera so much. They had a nice blend. These guys are from Los Angeles and formed around 2005. This album is their second studio album, and it dropped in September of last year. I'm going to say this, I have never heard of these guys before today. Oh, other than some dude walking around with his FFDP band t-shirt at the STP concert. Woah, that's a lot of abbreviating. I did hear 'Bad Company' on the radio a couple weeks ago as well. Had no idea it was these guys. You all know my stance of how I love when a new band pays tribute by covering an old classic - so high marks there. There are a few shouty songs here I don't care for. They might still be good tracks, they're just not my style. There are however a few non shouty tracks, and I really enjoy them. The way the album began, I was worried - but it turned out okay. I'd say check it out. I'll give FFDP an endorsement today. Check 'em out!

1. Dying Breed
2. Hard to See
3. Bulletproof
4. No One Gets Left Behind
5. Crossing Over
6. Burn It Down
7. Far from Home
8. Falling in Hate
9. My Own Hell
10. Walk Away
11. Canto
12. Bad Company
13. War Is the Answer

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Far From Home
2. Crossing Over
3. Hard To See

3 out of 5 stars


  1. didn't you get this from me? you could have, as i am in possession of it. i haven't listened to this album start to finish, as i normally prefer to do with metal albums, but the songs are on my metal playlists. they're good. i would submit their cover of 'bad company' in the running of of best covers of all time. which, sidebar, would be an interesting post for your blog, if you haven't done it yet (i can't keep track).

    i think their shows are great - now. i saw them on the mayhem fest with slipknot a few years ago and only vaguely remember seeing them since their set wasn't memorable to me. but after having seen them a few times this year with lacuna coil and again on mayhem fest, they are kick ass. and they've got the type of dedicated fan base at the shows that you just don't see for a lot of bands.

    and i never capitalize unless i'm making a point, blogster.

  2. Indeed I believe I did. I did listen to it start to finish, and maybe I shouldn't have. Maybe my opinion of them would be substantially higher if I'd cherry picked the tracks that sounded nice via sample. I like them...I think they have talent...just don't like the shouty.

    I don't go to metal shows anymore after I almost died at a Slipknot show years back. Those mosh guys play for real. I'm not that hardcore. Plus metal isn't my fave genre like yours. I enjoy it, but not nearly as much as Janis!

  3. i suppose if i had a preferred genre metal would edge out lounge/jazz by just a hair.

    and you can still go to metal shows, just stay out of the pit. i haven't been in a pit since i was old enough to look old enough to drink legally. those punks in the pit always knock the ice cubes right out of your glass. plus the sound is always better in the back if the venue is ... well less than optimal (rave/eagles ballroom, i'm looking at you...).

  4. Maybe some day I'll go back. It would have to be free the first time though. I can't justify paying money to see Clapton again, let alone a band I don't like as much.