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Friday, September 3, 2010

Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane

Hello Friday. An especially big hello to Friday before a Monday holiday. There is nothing better than an extended weekend. I may or may not post on Monday morning, depends how things go this weekend. If you know you'll be working unlike the rest of society and need something to read, let me know. I'll be more compelled to post if I know people need it and want it. Anyway, Friday brings another JenInTosa Suggestion, and it comes in the form of Maroon 5. This LA based band formed originally around the 1995 timeframe. Their first album as Maroon 5 was this album, and it came out in 2002. 'Songs' has since gone 4x platinum in the states, and has built up the band to where the latest 2010 5 release 'Hands All Over' is one of the most anticipated records of the year. There was no hype surrounding this album however, and it shocked the music world with 5 big time radio singles. If you haven't heard this before, it's got a pop/rock feel for the most part, but the songs I really love, are Levine's fantastic ballads. He's got a great voice, and the tracks where he shows his range are the ones I enjoy most. Now, you'll see what I rate it below - but this album by no means is one of the best of the year or anything, but it's a fun listen. There are at least 3 or 4 tracks that anyone would enjoy here. Arrangement wise, I think they did a great job of mixing up genres during the track flow - and that keeps you listening. Some tracks are worth skipping, but that's not completely unusual for a pop album. Anyway, give this a go. It's certain to make Friday turn into Saturday.

1. Harder to Breathe
2. This Love
3. Shiver
4. She Will Be Loved
5. Tangled
6. Sun, The
7. Must Get Out
8. Sunday Morning
9. Secret
10. Through With You
11. Not Coming Home (Live)
12. Sweetest Goodbye

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. She Will Be Loved
2. The Sun
3. Harder To Breathe

3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. Top 3 Tracks:
    1. Sunday Morning
    2. Harder To Breathe
    3. She Will be Loved
    4. Through With You

  2. Oops... I guess that should be "Top 4 Tracks"

    And I will not be at work on Monday! So feel free to take the day off from the B-Side too! :P

  3. For some reason, listening to it again, I really like 'The Sun'. Don't remember that one before.

    I like Sunday Morning also!

    Great Suggestion!

  4. I noticed that, but didn't want to call you out on it. =)

    Perfect! I might take the day off too!