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Friday, September 3, 2010

Presidents Of The USA - Self Titled

YES! Is there any record in the history of music that is as inexplicably good as this one? There is no lyrical value to this album, there is no real musical ability or talent to here either. But man, every time I put it on, I tap my toes and sing along. I think part of the success they had when this came out (1995) was that it was totally different from the big grunge movement hitting the airwaves. There are a few tasty licks on this record - but that's not what's going to draw the crowd. It's the funny overtones to the riffs that make it great. All the songs are singable, and a track like "We Are Not Going To Make It" is so ridiculous, that's it makes you chuckle. Between taking breaks and reforming a couple times over the years, the Presidents have dropped another 5 albums with the most recent coming in 2008. I can safely say that I have not heard one song from any other Presidents record but this one. As of right now I'm okay with that - since I hear the follow ups were just not as fun as this one. Which is probably why this record is 3x platinum, the follow up 'II' is Gold and the rest didn't chart. Some tough critics call these guys one hit wonders, but that doesn't really apply. There are at least 5 songs on this record I really enjoy. If you're saying they're one hit wonders in terms of albums, well that could be true - and maybe I'll check into it. But until then, I'm going to listen to this all day today on loop. Why? Because it's fun! And singing along to stuff always makes the day go by faster. And who doesn't love singing a song about peaches? It just makes sense. Happy Weekend B Siders!

1. Kitty
2. Feather Pluckin
3. Lump
4. Stranger
5. Boll Weevil
6. Peaches
7. Dune Buggy
8. We Are Not Going To Make It
9. Kick Out the Jams
10. Body
11. Back Porch
12. Candy
13. Naked and Famous

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Peaches
2. Lump
3. Kitty

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. i think i prefer 'back porch' and 'dune buggy' and 'boll weevil' over your top three, but really this whole album is good. it's a start to finish album - no skipping tracks. i had the cassette tape of this.

    i don't have any of their other albums, but 'tiki god' from II is probably one of my favorite songs by them. and the song 'some postman' is also kick ass.

    and you probably have heard more than just this album by the presidents - they covered 'video killed the radio star' on the wedding singer soundtrack, and they sang 'cleveland rocks' which was also the theme to the drew carey show for awhile.

  2. While I do enjoy those tracks as well, Peaches and Lump are flat out amazing songs. Always fun, and always in the mood for them. But yeah, the whole album is great.

    Of course I know those other two tracks you mentioned...have them both on my iPod. But neither of those are on an actual record (at least I don't think) and that's all I meant. I'm sure they have other good stuff too - I just am ignorant to it.

  3. 'cleveland rocks' and 'video killed the radio star' were on the album pure frosting, which i don't have, but is like a b-sides album.

  4. Ahh...perhaps I'll have to check that album out.