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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rant #11 - "Taste Your Tastes"

Everyone likes a little something different. I don't think that's anything new or shocking. What always amazes me a little bit, is the "my music is better than yours" argument. I think I clearly have certain genres that I gravitate toward if I'm in an indifferent mood. But so does everybody. Recently, a follower discussed how I give better reviews toward the hip hop stuff, because I like it more. I talked to this person already, but I wanted to share with everyone. Yeah, I like rap. I listen to new rap a lot trying to find good stuff. Is it my favorite? Nah. I still listen to classic rock and my favorite 90's alt rock bands more than rap. I'm not at all 'easier' on hip hop artists because I like the genre. In fact, I'm probably harder on the artists I know and like because I expect more. It's hard for me to really hand it to a country or pop artist that seems good, because I don't know a lot by them. Sure, certain acts like Ke$ha - I'm going to be straight up with you guys on those. If I can't stand something, I'll never encourage you guys to listen to it. But that's the same with any genre, including rap. What might be misleading is that I don't often do 'new' albums on Tuesdays, so the rap I do review tends to be my favorite.

Anyway, this whole rant is about listening to what you love. But do it the right way. I love rap, I would never look down on someone who didn't enjoy it too. It's not for everyone, I get it. I might ask you to listen to a track or an album of something I think is amazing - and you know what? You should! If I've learned anything from my months of music blogging, it's that my tastes really change day to day. There has actually been days when I've WANTED to listen to country. I never thought I'd say that. Give everything a never know what you'll end up thinking of something new. Stick to what you love - because hey, you love it. Encourage others to listen to the stuff you love. Everyone likes talking music with a friend about their favorite band. But when they don't groove on it as much as you do, don't be mad. It happens. Ask them to give you something they love - so on and so forth. Listening to music, good or bad, is still fun. Cracking open a new album and putting it on as loud as it goes always feels like a treat.

I guess in short - I do this because I love music. I'm not here to convey my love of certain artists to you guys - my primary reason for blogging is simply to listen to music. Secondly, sharing stuff I learned about with you guys. Many of you have turned me on to new bands that I now really enjoy. Hopefully you've come up with something like that as well. If not, keep reading - eventually, you will.


  1. Nice Rant, while lol I skimmed over alot of it, I guess I'm being nothing but pure honesty, what I read I loved. But, I may have missed something. Sorry, my mind is a be frazzled at the moment. I really love the effort you put into this blog, no matter the responses and comments or nothing at all. Cheers to you for spreading your love and joy that music brings you.

  2. Thanks bud.

    I know it's hard to commit to reading something on a regular basis. I'm the same way. Checking in and browsing over the stuff that seems appealing might be the best way to go.

    Thanks for the comment and come back soon!

  3. word.

    I do not blame you for wanting to blog about certain genres of music or even talking-up the albums you love. It's you're blog, it's your opinion! Write what you want, share what you want and say what you want. if people are giving you a hard time for it, maybe they need their own blog to talk about the music they love - then you could start a "blog-off" or something!

  4. And my main point is everyone should do the same! Give the recommendations to people for albums you love. Odds are, someone else will love it too. Then you have a fun topic to discuss.

    No one really giving me a hard time - just discussions. Half the fun of having the blog is the banter!

  5. And my main point is that blogs are about you! You are not preaching equality for music everywhere because you believe that not all music should be treated equally.

    Thanks for encouraging people to listen to entire albums! I found some great new music that way!

  6. Woah! You totally threw me off with the 'word' statement. I thought it was peterman again - I should read the headers better!

    Thanks for the comment Jen!

    You're exactly right though, not all music is the same. And a big shoutout to you and your help in suggesting new stuff. I've found some great new artist because of you as well! Where would I be without Cage The Elephant? ;-)

  7. That was ridiculously awesome to read. I enjoyed your rant immensely. I've been searching for a blog like this for a while and I'm relieved I ran into yours. Their is a lady that works with me who is my senior and I asked her what music she listened to in the 70's and She mentioned names such as Carly Simon, Jimmy Hendrix, Lead Zeppelin and others. I love hearing peoples feedback about music, whether they like it or can't stand it, I guess cause it's been such a substantial part of my life. Anyhow, I feel what your sayin, keep up the honesty.

  8. Thanks for the comment Ashley! If you don't mind my asking, how did you come across the blog? Just randomly via blogspot?

    I'll tell you I love Hendrix and Zeppelin too. Growing up in the 90's, I love the alt bands like STP, Soundgarden, Nirvana etc.. I always do two reviews per day, so check back in and enjoy the tunes!

    Music has been a significant part of my life as well. I've talked about this on the blog before, but I use music to change my moods and influence how my day goes. I really believe if I'm having a down day, putting on my favorite record can always turn things around. I try to pass that feeling along!

  9. How I came across your blog was random. I was on my page and I clicked next blog, and boom!, you were there. I'm glad I did too. These are your opinions and feelings but once again its your honesty and that I can relate that gravitates me.

  10. Again, I really appreciate you reading the blog! Keep on coming back and feel free to let me know if there is anything I can improve on, change and review!