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Monday, April 12, 2010

DMX - It's Dark And Hell Is Hot

It is a real honor to have this album cover grace my blog with its presence. When X busted on to the scene in '98 or so, he hit the ground running. I was all of 14 when this record dropped, so I didn't know the hip hop environment at the time, or a way to hear underground stuff before it hit the commercial shelves. So when DMX popped out - it seemed like it was out of nowhere. Hearing this record for the first time was quite amazing. I mean, you had your gangsta rap with hardcore lyrics. You had your west coast style that was almost trying to tell a story. You had your east coast rappers trying to also be gangster and tell stories. Well, no one did either of those things like DMX. One of my favorite X lines of all time, "I'm the only n***a walkin the streets with four felonies.." It's true. He is one of the few artists out there that can talk about crime, jail - all that is associated with the rap game and really say that he's lived it. His storytelling abilities are truly second to none. When he comes at you with a prayer skit, you sit and listen. You can hear his struggle between finding himself with the lord and falling back into his sweetspot with crime. The conflict alone makes it worth listening to, because similar to Eminem - his life is detailed on his records. I love that. This was DMX's first studio album and I'll get to all of them. He's slated to put a gospel record and a hip hop record out on the same day sometime in 2010. Hopefully they live up to his high standard.

1. Intro
2. Ruff Ryders' Anthem
3. Fuckin' Wit' D
4. Storm, The (Skit)
5. Look Thru My Eyes
6. Get at Me Dog
7. Let Me Fly
8. X-Is Coming
9. Damien
10. How's It Goin' Down
11. Mickey (Skit)
12. Crime Story
13. Stop Being Greedy
14. ATF
15. For My Dogs
16. I Can Feel It
17. Prayer (Skit)
18. Convo, The
19. Niggaz Done Started Something

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Ruff Ryders' Anthem
2. Let Me Fly
3. X Is Coming

Also Check Out:
4. I Can Feel It
5. Damien

4.25 out of 5 stars


  1. how's it goin down is probably in my top 50 personal favorite songs of all time.

  2. How's It Goin Down is a good track too. I really love this whole record. Do you enjoy his follow up Flesh of My Flesh?

    I think that was is right up there too.

  3. Why am I having flashbacks of listening to this while rounding second base in the backseat of Adams dads '92 Ford Taurus?

    *Sigh* Memories. Its hard to believe that DMX made the playlist of my youth. Oh wait, no it isn't, because this is actually a pretty decent album.

  4. Woah...gettin' it on to DMX? Were you listening to this while on the corner of like 6th and Center?

    This album really rocks it. Same with Flesh of my Flesh. After that...they didn't meet up to the super high standards.

  5. Nah, that was too far from home... I was a good ol' Pulaski kid, so it was either in the parking lot or behind Wilson Park Hockey Rink. Just saying.

    However, I do agree with you... anything after those two albums just made it sound like he should have gone out on top a long time ago.

  6. Haha...just messin with ya.

    He's got a new one coming out soon. I've heard some of the underground mixtape releases and wasn't super impressed. I'm hearing that he might scrap some of those tracks however, and that's what is taking so long for it to be dropped. I still enjoy X, so hopefully he gets back on the right track musically.