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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Doors - Self Titled

Yay classic rock! For some reason I always seem to forget about the Doors when I'm strumming through my classic catalog. Crazy since their music is really very good. I decided to start with their first album, as it's a solid representation of what was coming next. This album doesn't contain my favorite Doors track on it, but it's solid all the way through. If you haven't heard them, Jim Morrison's vocals are flat out amazing. His passion for the songs he belts out is just incomparable to any other band out there. There are some great lyrics as credited not just to Morrison, but the whole band. In this era of drugs and a budding sense of what was rock n roll, there were some great bands out there that made some music that will continue to span eras. The Doors are right there in that boat. Their music will live on in my grandkids and their grandkids and will be known and heart in the year 3010. They're not up there with Hendrix, Zeppelin or Floyd in my opinion - but I completely understand if this is your favorite band from '60s or '70s. I encourage you to listen to not just the hits, but the odd duck songs you may not have heard before. Great stuff through and through.

1. Break on Through (To the Other Side)
2. Soul Kitchen
3. Crystal Ship, The
4. Twentieth Century Fox
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
6. Light My Fire
7. Back Door Man
8. I Looked at You
9. End of the Night
10. Take It as It Comes
11. End, The
12. Moonlight Drive (Version 1)
13. Moonlight Drive (Version 2)
14. Indian Summer (8/19/66 Vocal)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Light My Fire
2. Soul Kitchen
3. The End

4.25 out of 5 stars

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