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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Testament - Low

It's time to show me some metal again B Side! At a request from follower Janis, Testament's Low comes across my headphones today. This record comes out in the heart of alternative rock craze, 1994. I can safely say, I'd never even heard of these guys until the recommendation was typed out on the blog. I've gone through this record twice now, and it's pretty good. Not sure how these fellas escaped me for almost two decades. I understand they used the same producer as RATM for this album, and their styles could not be any more different. These guys are super heavy guitars, lyrics that I can't really understand - but then every so often this record will slow it down for you. I may have mentioned 2,3 or 100 times that I admire that in any artist. This band has gone through more members than you can shake a stick at, and perhaps that's why the style seems to vary quite a bit album to album. I think I'll have to check out more by these guys - and hope that 'Low' isn't the climax of their discography. If you're not a metal fan, you probably want to skip this one - as it's not the most diverse record out there. There are a couple of those "shouty" tracks that a lot of people think is just noise. If you rock out to heavy stuff, check it out. Also, if you heard of these guys and think I'm a huge dummy for not knowing who they were, let me know. I'm curious how many people dug this band and never told me. Happy hump day!

1. Low
2. Legions (In Hiding)
3. Hail Mary
4. Trail of Tears
5. Shades of War
6. P.C.
7. Dog Faced Gods
8. All I Could Bleed
9. Urotsukidoji (Instrumental)
10. Chasing Fear
11. Ride
12. Last Call (Instrumental)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Trail Of Tears
2. Low
3. Chasing Fear

3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. actually legions in hiding is my favorite. your top three are also good. the formation of damnation is another good testament album.

  2. Trail of Tears was super awesome. I was NOT expecting a nice ballady track from this record.

    I'll have to check out that album too.

  3. Indeed. Thank you and keep the requests coming!