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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TAB The Band - Long Weekend

STP! STP! STP!! here's the story. TAB opened up for STP at the Rave show last month. Let me give any aspiring band a piece of advice, don't be some no name, never heard of band and try to perform for one of the greatest groups in music history. If I formed a band of my own, the last thing I'd do is decide to open up for a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. Why you ask? Because everyone in the building wants to see one thing, FREAKIN LED ZEPPELIN!! When 'The B Side All Stars' come out jammin, we're going to suck no matter how good we actually are. Just silly. Well anyways, I decided to give these guys a real chance. So I picked out Long Weekend as that's all I could find samples to. Seems they only have a couple records out there so far, and they don't get a lot of attention from anyone. This is fairly surprising because they licensed some tuneage to tv shows, they've gotten press attention from some very large publications and did some work on television for various programs. I guess nothing much works for these fellas. Well, maybe The B Side can change all of that. I'll even give these guys a decent review, because they're really not that bad. They've got a Cheap Trick meets the garage type feel I guess. Check this one out, you might find a couple gems in there.

1. Backseat Lover
2. Looking Pretty, Pretty
3. Where She Was On Monday
4. Sticky Wickets
5. Apple Of An Eye
6. I Know That You're Leaving
7. Skip Your Class
8. My Baby Is Fine
9. Heavy Idea
10. Sallie Maw Wilcox: Ramblings Of A Suitor

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Sticky Wickets
2. I Know That You're Leaving
3. Looking Pretty, Pretty

2.75 out of 5 stars

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