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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Timbaland - Shock Value

This record is a shout out to all the pop followers of the blog. I guess one could argue that this is also a hip/hop type record, and all I can say to that is - listen to it. There really isn't anything rap about this album except maybe Timbaland's beats and a couple people who make cameos on the record. I think this also helped Keri Hilson blow up, even though she's been a huge songwriter and backup singer in the industry for years. I have to say - as much as I dislike pop music, I love this record. From start to finish, it's really solid. There are a couple odd tracks that are let downs, but very few records are perfect - especially nowadays. Personally, I have huge respect for guys like Timbo, Dre and Pharrell who make beats for all these artists and don't ever get much spotlight. You can't blame Timbaland for finally thinking - hey, I can do this record sales stuff too. No question this also made OneRepublic blow up too - I think they have sold millions of their records too. I have to implore you to check this one out. I think it has something for everyone on it. My Top 3 is probably going to span 3 different genres. Keep in mind this record has appearances by She Wants Revenge, Fall Out Boy, Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, Elton John and others I've mentioned. This is really the best way to cap off your weekend - drift off to Shock Value.

1. Oh Timbaland
2. Give It to Me
3. Release
4. Way I Are, The
5. Bounce
6. Come & Get Me
7. Kill Yourself
8. Boardmeeting
9. Fantasy
10. Scream
11. Miscommunication
12. Bombay
13. Throw It on Me
14. Time
15. One & Only
16. Apologize (Remix)
17. 2 Man Show

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Oh Timbaland
2. Apologize
3. Bounce

4.25 out of 5 stars


  1. one of the greatest albums of this decade :P timbo and danja realy did a great job on the album i love the darknes of the sound they crated truely a masterpiec

  2. Really great record. Little something for everyone. Thanks for the comment!