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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blue Merle - Burning In The Sun

Here's an oldie but goodie for me. I was tuned into Blue Merle back in '05. I seem to forget about it a lot, but man is this album amazing. I'm such a sucker for slower music, or what I call 'mood' music. It's odd that I can go from hitting techno music hard at work to get a bunch done and then the next hour hit up mood music and feel more productive. If you haven't heard these guys, check this album out for sure. Some great lyrics that make you think and the lead singers voice is one of my favorites. I'll have to do a rant about lead singers someday. (I'm nerdy enough to have a list). Unfortunately for me, they've stopped making new music, but the old stuff lives on. Maybe if this review reaches enough people to start buying the old stuff, they'll make new stuff? (Don't comment on that, I know I don't have that kind reach....but humor me) Take a good long listen and hit me up with what you think. I'd be surprised if you didn't like this record.

1. Burning in the Sun
2. If I Could
3. Lucky to Know You
4. Stay
5. Every Ship Must Sail Away
6. Boxcar Racer
7. Made to Run
8. Seeing Through You
10. Places
11. Part of Your History
12. Either Way It Goes
13. Bittersweet Memory

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Part Of Your History
2. Stay
3. Lucky To Know You

4.25 out of 5 stars

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