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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

Finally, I can get to the Gorillaz since the much anticipated album Plastic Beach is here! (Well, maybe I was the only one really awaiting the release, but still) I own every album they've put together, including G-Sides and D-Sides. For some reason, I just really enjoy grooving to their unique style. I still love the original album the best, since every track on there just makes me want to listen more. Plastic Beach is a very nice album as well. I think Demon Days saw fairly substantial commercial success, and maybe even put them on the map with the pop crowd with Feel Good Inc and Dare. Even though the first album was far superior, Demon Days sold better which speaks to the pop additions. Damon Albarn is quoted as saying this is the "most pop album in many ways", but having heard it now, that isn't conveyed in the music. He collaborated a lot this time, which is new for them, but it turned out really great. As opposed to my previous review, Gorillaz put one record out every 5 years-ish, and you expect it to be great. This one doesn't fall short one bit. Another great item in their catalog. I just hope they keep rocking it out for another decade.

1. Orchestral Intro
2. Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach - (featuring Snoop Dogg)
3. White Flag - (featuring Kano/Bashy)
4. Rhinestone Eyes
5. Stylo - (featuring Mos Def/Bobby Womack)
6. Superfast Jellyfish - (featuring De La Soul/Gruff Rhys)
7. Empire Ants - (featuring Little Dragon)
8. Glitter Freeze - (featuring Mark E. Smith)
9. Some Kind of Nature - (featuring Lou Reed)
10. On Melancholy Hill
11. Broken
12. Sweepstakes - (featuring Mos Def)
13. Plastic Beach - (featuring Mick Jones/Paul Simonon)
14. To Binge - (featuring Little Dragon)
15. Cloud of Unknowing - (featuring Bobby Womack)
16. Pirate Jet

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. White Flag
2. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach
3. Stylo

4.5 out of 5 stars

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