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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Killers - Hot Fuss

Ahh, The Killers. What ever happened to them? It's not like they stopped making really good, really original music - yet, people seemed to forget they exist. Hot Fuss is an outstanding album, and Sam's Town is either right next to it, or maybe even a little better. I got through Day and Age and it was a'ight, and I've never got to Sawdust. I'll get to all those reviews in time, but for now - one of the classics. It put the Killers on the map, has to be their best selling and most popular record in their semi brief history. Even to this day, you're more than likely going to hear one of these tracks on the radio, just because they have that much staying power. They seemed to be one of the bands that started this new wave, punkish type revolution along with bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco etc... I know there are a couple fans of that out there, has that died down yet? The only stuff I hear nowadays is Muse, some Modest Mouse and a little MGMT. I'm getting off topic, The Killers are outstanding, this record is outstanding - go get it and play it till it breaks.

1. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
2. Mr. Brightside
3. Smile Like You Mean It
4. Somebody Told Me
5. All These Things That I've Done
6. Andy, You're a Star
7. On Top
8. Change Your Mind
9. Believe Me Natalie
10. Midnight Show
11. Everything Will Be Alright

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. All These Things That I've Done **Note that this is one of the best songs in music history**

Distant 2. Mr. Brightside
3. Somebody Told Me

4.25 out of 5 stars

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