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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rant #5: "I've Been Experienced"

So as many of you probably know, last night was the 'Experience Hendrix Tour' at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. A friend of mine first sent out the email asking about tickets I think last year. I immediately thought how neat the show could be, so I was in. I haven't been to a real concert in jeez...years. I used to go all the time and started thinking they were kind of a waste of cash. I mean, you pay $50 dollars or whatever and you many shows didn't live up to your expectations. This one just seemed too sweet to pass up. Billy Cox (from the original Experience) was there with a bunch of great lead frontmen from other bands playing different Jimi tunes. I've always been a big Hendrix fan - wish I would have been able to see him live. (He died a decade and a half before I was born) Anyway...the show was amazing! Pretty much all the songs you know were played except Hey Joe. My favorite Jimi song is 'Voodoo Child' and Kenny Wayne Shepherd of course rocked the house down with that one. Every song featured an incredible solo by any guitarist on the stage. Robert Randolph and crew had a nice showing of Purple Haze and Eric Johnson had a great rendition of Are You Experienced. You could tell all the guys in the show loved Jimi, and considered him a huge influence. Jonny Lane, Joe Satriani and Ernie Isley are other names that really stuck out with their performances. If this show comes back to MKE, or to a town near you - please see it. If you have any love for Jimi, you'll love the show.

That kind of goes along with something I always have felt strongly about. Why don't more bands do covers? I've always enjoyed when a band I enjoy recreates a classic song or even a song by a peer in their own genre. I always will recall the Deftones covering 'Say It Ain't So' by Weezer at a concert. Everyone went nuts, and they did a great job. When Metallica made the Garage Inc album - I was so impressed. The idea of an all time great band like Metallica covering Thin Lizzy or even Skynyrd to me is awesome. There's no shame in covering your idols and I think more bands could do so. I understand the need to be yourself - original and creative, but sometimes you can throw on an oldie and the fans will still love you. Granted not all recreations are good ones, but the effort is appreciated most of the time. Just make sure the kids out there know Social Distortion didn't actually write Comfortably Numb.

Long rant made short, Hendrix tribute show was a monstrous success. Go see it - worth every penny.

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