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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coldplay - Parachutes

Is it possible anyone in the US hasn't heard Coldplay by now? It seems like whenever they drop a record, you can't go 10 minutes without hearing some Coldplay song anywhere you go. This was the work that got them started. I remember watching MTV2 back when music television used to you know, still actually play music - and hearing Yellow for the first time. Way back then, it seemed like a sound that had never graced my ear before. While I'll admit I've lost a little of my love for Coldplay, I still give every record they put out a chance. Seems to me that they've lost that super unique sound over the years, and it somewhat blends with any other folk-ish songwriter out there with a blend of pop to mix in. That's neither here nor there though, and this album made me a fan for life. I can always put Parachutes on and kind of drift away. If for some reason you have lived in a box, this isn't peppy, driving type music. Listen to it when you're in that kind of blah mood and just want to contemplate life. It has that sort of feel to it. You'll find at least 4 tracks on here that you enjoy. I'll review their other albums in time, but this one is probably my favorite. Enjoy!

1. Don't Panic
2. Shiver
3. Spies
4. Sparks
5. Yellow
6. Trouble
7. Parachutes
8. High Speed
9. We Never Change
10. Everything's Not Lost

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Trouble
2. Yellow
3. Shiver

4 out of 5 stars


  1. I got into Coldplay the summmer where we'd end up at Doug's Dad's house Laughing the night away about stupid shit like S.M.U. and such, and of course listening to music all night, which is where I developed a taste for COldplay, perhaps an obsession at onepoint. I still have dozens and dozens of bootleg concert records of them from the early years.

  2. Not sure I ever had that hardcore love for them, but I rocked out to Parachutes and Rush of Blood very often. Listening to The Scientist still has some sort of crazy effect on me. Wasn't a big fan of Viva La Vida, but I'm getting crotchety as I get older.