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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kid Rock - Devil Without A Cause

Being that I live in Wisconsin and I'm also a sports nut, I was flipping through games over the weekend and when arriving on a Michigan State game, I noticed that Kid or Mr. Rock was in attendance. I thought, hmm - I should post something about him on the blog. So - here is one of his masterpieces, Devil Without A Cause. Now, back when this was released in '98, I have to say I wasn't a huge fan. I did enjoy the cd artwork was a middle finger, but that's neither here nor there. I thought most of the tracks were just average, and it was another 'one hit wonder' type after Bawitdaba has some commercial success. I saw Kid Rock open for Metallica a year later at the Bradley Center. Man was he impressive. He played all the instruments on stage, and just had a gift for performing live. I went out, bought this album and listened to it over and over. And the more I listened, the more I gained respect for Mr. Rock. This album spans many genres - from pop to country to slow mood music. I like the fact that Kid Rock embraces his role as not a rapper, not a country singer, but an entertainer. I think that's why he continues to be successful - because he knows his role and sticks to music he's good at. When he puts out a record of nothing but one style, I think that's the day he descends into obscurity. Until then, toss this one back on, crank it to 11 and enjoy!

1. Bawitdaba
2. Cowboy
3. Devil Without a Cause
4. I Am the Bullgod
5. Roving Gangster (Rollin')
6. Wasting Time
7. Welcome 2 the Party (Ode 2 the Old School)
8. I Got One for Ya
9. Somebody's Gotta Feel This
10. Fist of Rage
11. Only God Knows Why
12. F*ck Off
13. Where U at Rock
14. Black Chick, White Guy

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Only God Knows Why
2. I Am The Bullgod
3. Fist Of Rage

4.25 out of 5 stars


  1. THis was my warm up music for high schoool wrestling, as well as Jeremy. IT's got just enough kick to get you fired up.

  2. Which songs? I could see a couple of them getting you pretty pumped up, but certainly not Only God Knows Why. At least I wouldn't think so anyway.

    Here's what I picture, peterman bouncing around, getting pumped up...then as soon as you hear, "MY NAME IS KIIIIIIIIIID", he crashes through the gym doors and punches someone in the face. Sound accurate? =)